Buzz appointed Ambassador for Around the Campfire

Around campfire logo

Around the Campfire is an Adelaide based not for profit organisation committed to improving Indigenous health and literacy across Australia. During Around the Campfire events and promotional activities, there is a focus on education of non-Indigenous Australians about Indigenous Australian culture.  

The operational focus for Around the Campfire is the establishment of an Indigenous school nurse to assist the local clinic with primary health care, health promotion, and mentoring of local health industry students.

The program will be a joint initiative developed by the local health service and Around the Campfire, focusing on the needs and goals of the area. The main health goal of Around the Campfire is to reduce chronic disease of Indigenous Australians and close the life expectancy gap. If we can show evidence the level of health within the school population is improving we will be able to use the same model in other parts of the state and the country. 

We would like to speak with Aboriginal Health Services in South Australia about working together to achieve a reduction in chronic disease and closing the life expectancy gap.


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