When musician Jimmy Little was dying three years ago he made one wish to his mate and manager Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup, asking him to continue running his namesake charity, the Jimmy Little Foundation.

“As he got sicker, he asked me, ‘You’re not going to let this go, are you?’,” Mr Bidstrup said.

“I promised him that I would keep running it as long as I’m here.”

Now a withdrawal of federal government funding has put a cloud over the future of the charity, which has launched a number of successful health programs in Aboriginal communities around Australia over the past decade. Read the full story here

An Interview with Graham ‘Buzz’ Bidstrup

In his over 40 years association with Australian music industry Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup has been a musician, songwriter, producer, manager and booking agent. His notable achievements include 4 albums with The Angels, co-founder of The Party Boys ( 3 albums) and GANGgajang (4 albums which he co-produced and managed).

Buzz’s other work includes over 50 albums as a producer including Australian Crawl‘s Reckless (musician and co-producer), Mondo Rock’s Chemistry (musician), film composer/music producer for Heatwave and Mad Wax; and music director for ABC series Sweet and Sour.

In this video, Steve also talks to Buzz about his latest project, The Dinosaurs, with Mark Gable(Choirboys), Mark Evans(AC/DC) and Les Gock (Hush). The segment goes behind the scenes into the rehearsal room and provides insight into the band’s writing process. Watch Here